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Wim Wenders (Director "Pina")

"This film is intoxicating. All you want when it ends is to see more of it.

And before you know it, you start moving..." 


Los Angeles Times 

"A Feast of Art and Emotion."

New York Times

"Highly Recommended"


"Electric...riveting...choreographic brilliance...striking performance footage...excellent. 

The most exciting documentary for fans of edgier modern dance since “Pina”. "

"Electric... riveting... choreographic brilliance... striking performance footage... Excellent. A complex, compelling lead character... Handsome and charismatic, Naharin... arguably is a genius. The most exciting documentary for fans of edgier modern dance since “Pina”. " (Variety, USA)

"Masterpiece, Cinematic dance magic" (Degens Nyheter)

"A genre-spanning cultural event" (Haaretz)

"An overwhelming aesthetic experience" (YNET)

"The most beautiful and important cinematic creation ever made about Israeli dance… an inspiring work" (City Mouse)

"An intimate portrait of a character that has never been revealed like that" (Cinemascope)

"A fascinating life story" (Israel Today)

"Magnificent,  A wonderful portrait and a great film about dance and creation" (Toutelaculture)

"The film shows you much of Naharin’s groundbreaking work, but it also goes deep trying to penetrate his psyche. Heymann gets about as close as anyone ever will. So many biographical documentaries fall into the trap of loving their subjects so much that they forget to bring a critical eye to the table. Heymann makes no such mistake. Naharin’s life is presented as honestly as possible. The dance sequences in Mr. Gaga, so named for the “movement language” that is Naharin’s key innovation, are presented beautifully on screen. If you know nothing of dance, or don’t have the slightest interest in it, you will still be mystified by what is on screen. The Batsheva dancers move in ways you might not even imagine the body could move. Tomer Heymann perfectly melds the performances into the story" (HEEB Magazine)

"Beautifully shot and thoughtfully assembled, Mr. Gaga is a well-rounded documentary that uses interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes footage to convey the importance of and fascination with Ohad Naharin, even to audiences that know nothing about dance" (College Movie Review)

November 2017

The Cinemaholic: 12 Best Dance Movies on Netflix (USA)


November 2017

Eltele Grafo: Tomer Heymann presenta su documental en Ochoymedio (Ecuador)

September 2017

Radio West : Interview with Tomer Heymann (USA)

August 2017

The Marin Post August : "Masterpiece of documentary filmmaking" (USA)

9 February 2017

LA TimesMr. Gaga Review: “If you are familiar with his mesmerizing work, nothing more need be said ... if you’re not, this feast of dance illustrates why others are.” (USA)

9 February 2017

KCETThe Making of Mr. Gaga: A Fascinating Duet Between Choreographer Ohad Naharin and His Filmmaker (USA)

5 February 2017

Indiewire‘Mr. Gaga’ Review: A Lyrical Portrait of Visionary Choreographer Ohad Naharin (USA)

3 February 2017

Hollywood Reporter: 'Mr. Gaga' Film Review (USA)

3 February 2017

The Creators Project: "There is plenty of emotion and catharsis to go around in Mr. Gaga—and it also happens to be beautiful." (USA)

2 February 2017

Art For Progress"An uplifting film about a man clearly born to move and create, Mr. Gaga is a revealing portrait of a true visionary, as singular and uncompromising as they come." (USA)

2 February 2017

Flavorwire"Heymann captures the thrilling uniqueness of Naharin’s work – as well as a vibrant portrait of his artistic process, in which dance functions as communication, survival, and healing. Sensitive, intelligent, and awe-inspiring." (USA)

1 February 2017

LA Weekly‘Mr. Gaga’ Review (USA)

1 February 2017

The New Yorker: The Secret History of the Israeli Choreographer Ohad Naharin (USA)

1 February 2017 "... 'Mr. Gaga' is an intense pleasure"  (USA)

1 February 2017

Asbury Park Press: 'Mr. Gaga' a labor of love and dance (USA)

1 February 2017

CBC Radio: Interview with Ohad Naharin: How Ohad Naharin explores physicality through the Gaga movement (USA)

1 February 2017

Newsweek: How a Documentary Filmmaker Fell in Love with Dance and Made "Mr. Gaga" (USA)

1 February 2017

Jewish Journal: ‘Mr. Gaga’: A moving life in dance (USA)

31 January 2017

Huffington Post: Interview with Tomer Heymann: Going Gaga Over Ohad Naharin (USA)

31 January 2017

Arts Air: Documentary "Mr. Gaga" a Brilliant Portrait of Ohad Naharin (USA)

30 January 2017

Film Journal: "Masterfully crafted by filmmaker Tomer Heymann, the documentary is weighty, surprising, affecting, darkly humorous..." (USA)

29 January 2017

Hollywood SOAPBOX: INTERVIEW: Director Tomer Heymann digs deep to find Ohad Naharin, aka ‘Mr. Gaga’ (USA)

27 January 2017

New York Times: Mr. Gaga comes to town (USA)

26 January 2017

New York Times: "...Highly recommended." (USA)

26 January 2017

Dance Enthusiast: "Thoroughly memorable and intriguing." (USA)

26 January 2017

LEONARD LOPATE SHOW: Radio interview with Ohan Naharin (USA)

18 January 2017

The Village Voice: Israel's Revolutionary Choreographer, Ohad Naharin, Hits the Screen and Stage (USA)

January 2017


January 2017

TRIBUNA CULTURAL:  Siguiendo los Pasos de un Gran Coreógrafo (Canada- French)

January 2017

LA PRESSE :  - Entrevue avec Ohad Naharin - DANS L'UNIVERS DE MONSIEUR GAGA (Canada- French)

January 2017

LE DEVOIR : - Entrevue avec Ohad Naharin - La saison québécoise d'Ohad Naharin (Canada- French)

January 2017

REVUE SÉQUENCES :  Mr. Gaga, sur les pas d'Ohad Naharin(Canada- French)

December  2016

Eeuropean Flm Awards: interview with Tomer Heymann

November 2016

POINT DE VUES :  Images-mouvement (Canada- French)

October 2016

Dagens Nyheter recension: "Masterpiece, Cinematic dance magic , ★★★★★ "  (Sweden)

21 June 2016

GOING GAGA: Tomer Heymann talks about his acclaimed dance documentary (Australia)

1 June 2016

ARTE NEWS: "Mr. Gaga", portrait du chorégraphe Ohad Naharin (French)​

9 May 2016

From Fighter to Dancer: "Mr. Gaga" in Israel (German)

April 2016

Honeysuckle Magazine: Video Interview with Producer Barak Heymann at SXSW (USA)

24 March 2016

Variety:  Film Review: Mr. Gaga (USA)

15 March 2016

INDIEWIRE - The Playlist : SXSW Exclusive: Natalie Portman Talks about the Pleasure of Dance In Clip From 'Mr. Gaga' (USA)

20 March 2016

Times Of Israel: Festivals Are Going Crazy For Mr. Gaga (Israel- English)

11 March 2016

INDIEWIRE:  SXSW 2016: How Do This Year's Filmmakers Make A Living? (USA)

27 March 2016

Toute La Culture: Magnificent Portrait of The Choreographer Ohad Naharin By Tomer Heymann (French)

29 February 2016

Update Or Die: Mr. Gaga, Um Documentário Sobre A Paixão Pela Dança (Portuguese)

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