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Heymann Brothers Films

Heymann Brothers Films is an Israeli independent production company specialising in documentary films for cinema and TV.


Since establishing the Heymann Brothers Films production company, Tomer Heymann (Israel, 1970) and Barak Heymann (Israel, 1976), have directed and produced over 20 documentary films and series, and some as international co-productions. Together, they have become one of the leading documentary filmmaking and production companies in Israel. They have also been selected as one of the 10 most influential people in Israeli culture. Their films offer a personalized perspective of the complicated political situation in Israel, and deal with issues of minorities and human rights, appealing both to the local and the international documentary markets. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, have won prestigious awards in festivals such as Berlinale, IDFA and Hotdocs, and have been theatrically released around the world. Several retrospectives have been dedicated to the Heymann Brothers in recent years – in New York, San Francisco, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Tel Aviv, and more. Tomer and Barak both teach in several film schools in Israel and are currently engaged in a number of ongoing international co-productions.

The company founder, Tomer Heymann, is among Israel's best known documentary directors. Among his films are It Kinda Scares Me (2001), Paper Dolls (2006), Out of Focus (2007), the WDR/ARTE co-production I Shot My Love (2010), and The Queen has no Crown (2011).

In 2003, Tomer's younger brother, Barak Heymann, joined the company. Together they produced and co-directed an impressive number of appraised documentaries, among them: Bridge over the Wadi (2005), Dancing Alfonso (2007), and Lone Samaritan (2010). Barak Heymann is also the proud producer of Lady Kul El Arab (a film by Ibtisam Maraana, 2008), Stalags – Holocaust and Pornography in Israel (a film by Ari Libsker, 2007), Sayed Kashua – Forever Scared (a film by Dorit Zimbalist, 2009), and the latest worldwide successful film Life in Stills (a film by Tamar Tal, 2011).

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